Handheld Document Bag

Does It Make Sense to Give Clients a Handheld Document Bag?

Let’s get one thing straight: corporate giveaways are competitive in nature. If this hasn’t dawned on you yet, it’s time that you wrap your mind around this key concept. Otherwise, it’s highly likely that your corporate giveaway campaigns leave much to be desired. Your competition might be running circles around your campaigns and your company might end up spending a tremendous amount of time, effort, and treasure on your corporate branding initiatives, only to have very little to show for it. This happens all the time.


You have to understand that regardless of how esoteric or obscure your market niche may be, your competition is always there, threatening to eat your lunch. You have to understand the competitive nature of corporate giveaways and corporate branding in general. It’s all about competition and comparison. Your customers, vendors, suppliers, and other people you’re trying to establish a relationship with or maintain a relationship with are always comparing you to others. Whenever you give them a pitch or send them marketing materials, they always as themselves, “Compared to what?”

This really is a restatement of the classic question you should be asking yourself as part of a business organization: what’s in it for me? When organizations ask themselves this question, they give themselves a competitive advantage. You have to always come back to this question, whether you’re the one giving or receiving, buying or selling, it doesn’t matter.

Accordingly, when looking for ideas for corporate gifts, you have to ask yourself, “Does it make sense compared to what my competitors are doing?” Pay attention to the following factors. A handheld document bag might make sense as a corporate gift, depending on how these factors play out in your company’s particular set of circumstances.

Niche Targeting Is Crucial


When considering a handheld document bag as a corporate giveaway, you have to always begin the analysis with niche targeting. What kind of people are you trying to reach? Do they handle documents all the time? Do they carry around documents? Are they always engaging with documents? What form do these documents take? Are these online documents, or do they have to hassle with physical documents?

This is how you know whether there is a niche fit or not. Don’t assume that just because your client tells you that they mess around with lots of documents that these documents necessarily have to be hard copies.

A Handheld Document Bag Is Used in Certain Contexts

Assuming that your client uses physical documents, the next step is to ask the question of context. Where do they engage documents? How many other people are around? How long is the engagement process? Where do they normally store the documents?

It’s really important to ask these questions because you’re trying to establish the context of usage. Once you get to this point, you have a fairly rough idea as to how commercially viable giving away a handheld document bag can be. Your bottom line is simple: you are trying to get as many niche-targeted eyeballs in particular contexts.

Focus on Content Specialization

Assuming that your target audience members are handling physical documents, the next step is to figure out what kind of documents they normally handle. This is important because you want to know if there are other people interested in your business who are paying attention to your recipients handling documents and putting them in the handheld document bag that bears your logo or branding materials. Do you see how this works?

You are essentially buying mobile billboards in the form of handheld document bag products. That’s the bottom line. If you can’t see the context or the niche specialization, you probably would be better off looking for another type of corporate gift to give away.

Focus on How Viral the Branding Opportunities Are

Are there situations where your target recipients would be in a public area and would use your handheld document bag? If there are situations like this, how frequently would these situations come up? If you realize that your target audience members are going to be using the handheld document bag in a public area usually filled with other people who need to handle documents, you might have a nice fit. You might have yourself a great branding opportunity because when people see the bag, they are given the opportunity to look at your brand and you can call them to action.

Now, keep in mind that not all the eyeballs that your giveaway attracts are the right ones. However, the more eyeballs you attracts, the higher the likelihood that there would be a large enough fraction who would be in your target market. Among this fraction, there might be enough people who might take action on the messaging materials on the bag, which can lead to actual brand engagement or even business opportunities.

Focus on Durability and long term Repeated Use

This is the secret sauce of any type of practical corporate gift. You need to give away something that would have a long product life. In other words, the handheld document bag that you use as a corporate gift must last at least a few years. The reason why you are shooting for durability is very simple. The more they use the bag, the more branding opportunities you get. Also, the recipient would probably take the bag to many different parts of the country, or at least in your target cities. This increases the risk of your brand, and also increases the potential base of possible converts to your brand.

Another key point to consider here is long term repeated use. The great thing about a handheld document bag is that it is a product that people are, in all likelihood, not going to use just once or twice. Instead, they probably are going to be using it every time they have to hassle with documents. Every time they use it in a public area, you are given the branding opportunity especially when the eyeballs it attracts are people that have a need for your particular product or service. I hope you see how this works.

The key takeaway here is that a handheld document bag is not a slam-dunk corporate gift. You have to pick this product only if all the factors above makes sense in your particular situation.

Importance of Lanyard

Loosing something is very frustrating to find. When we cannot even remember where last we had or saw the objects. When we want to keep our objects visible such as a bunch of keys, an identification tag or even a badge we use a lanyard. The main importance of a lanyard is so that we do not loose object easily.


Lanyards can be used as advertisement tools to help market a product. If they are printed with a logo or a products name of a company’s name they help promote businesses. This is because many people wear their lanyard on their neck and expose it anywhere they go in the public. This is free advertisement because many people saw the lanyard and the writing on it. But this is only possible if the company’s logo and name are very bold for people to see from a far distance.

If you create a design that is appealing to the eye then this makes it easier for people to notice the lanyard and help market your company easily. This is a very cheap investment while advertising your company services and products to the larger public.

Easy display

When you have attached your lanyard with a badge or entry gate pass it is very easy to display because it is worn around the neck or at the wrist. This makes it very easy to show it when it is requested for an identification tag. One can display them at the hospitals, prisons, universities or public libraries.

Reduce risk

When we have our keys or identification badges tugged with a lanyard it reduces the risk of our objects getting lost or misplaced. They are attached together with the lanyard and can easily be identified. It reduces the risk of theft because they are designed with different types of ropes. This keeps our stuff from being snatched from our wrists or necks without us knowing.

Around school compounds the importance of lanyard is that the staff and the students all have an easy time with identifying who is who in the school. This process works well for reducing risks in school just in case there is an intruder in the school they can be identified because they do not have a lanyard with identification.


In schools with very high numbers it’s very hard to recall all the children’s names and hence it is very important to have lanyards. When a child or a student has a lanyard it is easy to read their identification and know who they are. When kids are playing outside the lanyard come in very useful because the child cannot lose their identity tags and in case you need to call them you just look at their lanyards.

Reduce accidents

Some lanyards have been made with a design that helps to stop an accident before it happens. The lanyard is attached to the wrist and the other side is attached to the pull switch. In case the driver falls unconsciously the lanyard will pull the switch.

Introduction easy

When one wears a lanyard with a badge or identity card attached to it, it makes introductions very easy for everyone. There is no time being wasted with asking who is who and you do not have to Crum all names and their positions if it’s in meeting.


Key holders break very easily but lanyards are very strong so one cannot lose their keys or badges just anyhow. Being strong does not make them very heavy. They are very light and do not keep getting in your way or disturbing you in any way.


Last week I visited a friend’s house and was impressed by the decor of the living room. On the center-table, there was a beautiful pen-stand which drew my attraction. As I brought it close to get a better view, I discovered it to be of a gift from a reputed apparel brand. I came to realise that it had been given by the company as a part of their promotional strategy to a number of customers and my friend was one of those persons to receive it.
Such corporate promotional gifts are of immense value since they serve certain purposes for the customers as well as help in advertising the brand. Here is how these promotional gifts prove to be beneficial:

  • Brand Recognition: It is one of the greatest ways to get your brand recognized and make your target customers aware of your brand. It helps in strengthening your position in today’s competitive market where a large number of brands are fighting for gaining prominence.
  • Reaching the Mass at a Reasonable Cost: The promotional gift items help you to reach a large number of people at the same time by putting in minimal efforts and spending minimum amount of money on your part.
  • Holding the Customers: The promotional gifts given out by a company also help in holding the old and trusted customers. It should be kept in mind that retaining the existing customers is as important as attracting new ones. So, giving out a printed tissue or pen-stand will keep on reminding the customers about you, every time they use these stuffs.

   Now the question is what kind of gifts can be given to the customers in these occasions. Most of these gifts are personalized ones and have the company name and logo imprinted on them. Here are some of them which you can try out as a part of the promotional strategy of the company:

  • Stationery Items: Stationery items like pen and pencil can be given out as a part of the promotional campaigns of a company. We are quite familiar with the personalized pens that are given out in these cases. Apart from pens, pocket-calendars, memos and notepads can also be given out.
  • Bottles: Bottles and jars with the company logo printed on them are equally popular as gifts.
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses are the coolest gifts that can be given to the employees of a corporate company as a part of the branding campaigns. These can be given by fashion brands to their customers for promoting themselves among the mass. A sunglass, however, is a comparatively expensive gift that should be exclusively given only to the regular customers.
  • Non-woven Bags: These bags can be easily matched with the different dresses and are thus quite popular among the women. Company logos can be imprinted on these bags and they can thus be used for a successful promotion of the company. 
  • Handy Items: There are different tools that come handy for you in different operations such as a towel, screwdriver set, a trunk organizer, a multi-tool pocket kit, a phone-holder for the dash-board for your car and so on…..So how about getting them as gifts from someone? We know it would be a pleasant surprise for the users and therefore suggest the corporate companies to give these items as gifts. Such promotional gifts will come handy for anyone and everyone.
  • Pocket LED Flashlight: We have somewhat stopped the usage of pocket torches with the advent of smartphones. But, did you know that the flash-light apps that you install in your phones can be harmful for the OS of the phone? Yes, they are! So, shifting back to the conventional LED flashlights is advisable for all those who want to keep their phones free from malware and other such stuffs.
  • Emergency Hammers: These can be given as promotional gifts by the car repairing centers. They come in handy if the car auto-lock gets dysfunctional. It can be used to break off the glass in such cases.

So, these are the different promotional gifts that can be given by a company for brand awareness as well as customer relational management.