Does It Make Sense to Give Clients a Handheld Document Bag?

Let’s get one thing straight: corporate giveaways are competitive in nature. If this hasn’t dawned on you yet, it’s time that you wrap your mind around this key concept. Otherwise, it’s highly likely that your corporate giveaway campaigns leave much to be desired. Your competition might be running circles around your campaigns and your company might end up spending a tremendous amount of time, effort, and treasure on your corporate branding initiatives, only to have very little to show for it. This happens all the time.


You have to understand that regardless of how esoteric or obscure your market niche may be, your competition is always there, threatening to eat your lunch. You have to understand the competitive nature of corporate giveaways and corporate branding in general. It’s all about competition and comparison. Your customers, vendors, suppliers, and other people you’re trying to establish a relationship with or maintain a relationship with are always comparing you to others. Whenever you give them a pitch or send them marketing materials, they always as themselves, “Compared to what?”

This really is a restatement of the classic question you should be asking yourself as part of a business organization: what’s in it for me? When organizations ask themselves this question, they give themselves a competitive advantage. You have to always come back to this question, whether you’re the one giving or receiving, buying or selling, it doesn’t matter.

Accordingly, when looking for ideas for corporate gifts, you have to ask yourself, “Does it make sense compared to what my competitors are doing?” Pay attention to the following factors. A handheld document bag might make sense as a corporate gift, depending on how these factors play out in your company’s particular set of circumstances.

Niche Targeting Is Crucial


When considering a handheld document bag as a corporate giveaway, you have to always begin the analysis with niche targeting. What kind of people are you trying to reach? Do they handle documents all the time? Do they carry around documents? Are they always engaging with documents? What form do these documents take? Are these online documents, or do they have to hassle with physical documents?

This is how you know whether there is a niche fit or not. Don’t assume that just because your client tells you that they mess around with lots of documents that these documents necessarily have to be hard copies.

A Handheld Document Bag Is Used in Certain Contexts

Assuming that your client uses physical documents, the next step is to ask the question of context. Where do they engage documents? How many other people are around? How long is the engagement process? Where do they normally store the documents?

It’s really important to ask these questions because you’re trying to establish the context of usage. Once you get to this point, you have a fairly rough idea as to how commercially viable giving away a handheld document bag can be. Your bottom line is simple: you are trying to get as many niche-targeted eyeballs in particular contexts.

Focus on Content Specialization

Assuming that your target audience members are handling physical documents, the next step is to figure out what kind of documents they normally handle. This is important because you want to know if there are other people interested in your business who are paying attention to your recipients handling documents and putting them in the handheld document bag that bears your logo or branding materials. Do you see how this works?

You are essentially buying mobile billboards in the form of handheld document bag products. That’s the bottom line. If you can’t see the context or the niche specialization, you probably would be better off looking for another type of corporate gift to give away.

Focus on How Viral the Branding Opportunities Are

Are there situations where your target recipients would be in a public area and would use your handheld document bag? If there are situations like this, how frequently would these situations come up? If you realize that your target audience members are going to be using the handheld document bag in a public area usually filled with other people who need to handle documents, you might have a nice fit. You might have yourself a great branding opportunity because when people see the bag, they are given the opportunity to look at your brand and you can call them to action.

Now, keep in mind that not all the eyeballs that your giveaway attracts are the right ones. However, the more eyeballs you attracts, the higher the likelihood that there would be a large enough fraction who would be in your target market. Among this fraction, there might be enough people who might take action on the messaging materials on the bag, which can lead to actual brand engagement or even business opportunities.

Focus on Durability and long term Repeated Use

This is the secret sauce of any type of practical corporate gift. You need to give away something that would have a long product life. In other words, the handheld document bag that you use as a corporate gift must last at least a few years. The reason why you are shooting for durability is very simple. The more they use the bag, the more branding opportunities you get. Also, the recipient would probably take the bag to many different parts of the country, or at least in your target cities. This increases the risk of your brand, and also increases the potential base of possible converts to your brand.

Another key point to consider here is long term repeated use. The great thing about a handheld document bag is that it is a product that people are, in all likelihood, not going to use just once or twice. Instead, they probably are going to be using it every time they have to hassle with documents. Every time they use it in a public area, you are given the branding opportunity especially when the eyeballs it attracts are people that have a need for your particular product or service. I hope you see how this works.

The key takeaway here is that a handheld document bag is not a slam-dunk corporate gift. You have to pick this product only if all the factors above makes sense in your particular situation.

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